About Whimserie


Hey! My name is Luisa and I am the creator/owner of Whimserie Natural Beauty.

I am a proud half Samoan, half New Zealand woman who loves to read books, create things, and spend time with my family.

After I graduated with a BSc double majoring in Earth Science and Marine Science I found myself really lost with what to do in life.

I knew I wanted to make a difference and apply my degree and passion for the sustainability but on my own terms! I didn't want to do the traditional field research work but something I had created myself.

It was about the same time I became really sick and tired of buying skincare from stores which were packaged in an endless amount of plastic and full of unnecessary synthetic chemicals which would wash down my drain and into the ecosystem.

From there I thought I would combine my love and knowledge of sustainability and skincare and just do it myself! Create natural, vegan skincare products which worked that people could love, know and trust without compromising our values like refusing animal testing on products, using less plastic etc.

I think this has truly been my calling and purpose to fulfill my life. I have always wanted to be the master of my own destiny and really gained the courage to become a boss babe with my very own small NZ business!

Though I have many large and small goals with this business, my ultimate and overall goal is to empower women through thoughtful skincare and show others you can make a difference in our environment as well as push the needle of change for other small businesses to be more sustainable and ethical.

1. Provide plant based skincare that WORKS

2. Empower others - especially women - to love the skin they are in and to take care of their skin

3. Encourage and showcase sustainable products and business practices in a world of unsustainability